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Andrew Duke

Andrew Duke

Andrew Duke


Andrew Duke (b. 1968) is a British photographer whose work investigates issues surrounding identity, power and control.

Duke has work held in private collections, and his photojournalism has been published internationally. He earned an MA in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales, Newport in 2013.

Portfolio Wee Corby

Since Roman times, the abundance of iron ore in the English East Midlands has led to constant, if modest, excavation in the area; but an increased need for steel in the early 20th century encouraged Anglo-Scots firm Stewarts & Lloyds to build a steel works. And the company had to look no further than Scotland’s west coast for a ready-made workforce left unemployed by the slump of that country’s manufacturing base.

Soon Corby - a village of 1500 in 1931 - saw its population swell to 12,000 by the end of the 1930s.

More Scots poured into Corby after it was designated a New Town in 1950. But by the mid-1970s the boom was bust, and by the end of 1981 over 5000 workers had lost their jobs; further cuts doubled that number, resulting in an unemployment rate of over 30%.

Some returned north, but most remained. This work explores the attempts by many of those left behind to retain their Scottish identity in a modern, multi-cultural town.



2013 Edges, MA Show, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, UK
2010 Inside the Outskirts, Amber Arts, Edinburgh, UK