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die arge lola / Kai Loges + Andreas Langen

die arge lola / Kai Loges + Andreas Langen

die arge lola / Kai Loges + Andreas Langen


die arge lola is a collaboration between artists Kai Loges and Andreas Langen. They met during their photography studies at Bielefeld in 1986, since then they have worked together as freelancers. Andreas Langen completed professional training in journalism at Hamburg from 1991-1994, he writes and lectures about photography, both artists teach photography at universities and other institutions and are active members of Deutsche Fotografische Akademie

Portfolio On Democracy

On Democracy is an ongoing study that mainly uses documentary photography and written text. When exhibited, we add elements that encourage visitors to actively take part (by adding written comments or voting for additional pictures to be shown later on, etc).

So far, our pictures cover content like: political parties; rallies; confrontation between citizens and state; administration and town hall; voting; election campaigns; media; parliaments (from small country-side places to EU-Parliament at Strasbourg); ministries at Berlin; government-seat at Stuttgart; revolution. The photos were taken in Germany, Lithuania, Wales and Ukraine.

A web-based presentation related to the project is under construction.

Portfolio Reale Räume (Real Spaces)

Reale Räume (Real Spaces) is an ongoing series of documentary interior photographs. The criteria is a visually special look that is not intended. Reale Räume does not include architectural designs that are created in order to achieve a certain look; instead, we prefer visual structures that are created by use, by technical necessity, by chance, or by the decay of time passing. When we find such a space, we leave it untouched, we do not change anything, not even the light. Our only interaction with the space is the setting up of the camera at a definite position on the tripod.



On democracy, online at Kontext Wochenzeitung

2013 Im Reich der Mitte/ Au Centre de l`Europe, regiofactum / Hartung-Gorre

2007 Im Reich der Mitte / Le Berceau de la Civilisation Euopéenne, regiofactum / Hartung-Gorre

Andreas Langen as a writer:

2014 Der Greif/ Ein Prozess, Augsburg 

2014 FACADES, Markus Brunetti at MAK, Cologne, Germany

2013 Gebt uns die Kugel, Nuclear Power at Jülich Research Center; in Bibliothek des Widerstands, Laika Editor

Photonews, Hamburg, Germany


2012/13 on democracy, Gallery Bildkultur + President Heuss-House, Stuttgart, Germany

2013 20 Years of European Architecture Photography Award, German Museum of Architecture, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

2007 Periphery LE, German Photographic Academy (DFA), Stadtmuseum Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

2007 Reale Räume, Fotosommer Stuttgart + Wilhelmspalais Stuttgart, Germany

2009 Im Reich der Mitte, Tag der Deutschen Einheit, Saarbrücken, Germany 


Additional information: 

die arge lola's, On Democracy project has been profiled on Kontext Wochenzeitung, you can read the articles here and here.

Bright Jewel, an article written by Andreas Langen looks at the impact of the storage of Nuclear waste in Jülich is available to read on Kontext WochenzeitungGive us the ball, the follow up article is available here