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Eva Sajovic

Eva Sajovic

Eva Sajovic


Eva Sajovic is an artist photographer working in socially-engaged, participatory practice, in particular with marginalised communities or those affected by processes of change. She is interested in issues of identity, belonging, representation and place.

Eva has work commissioned by Tate Modern, Whitechapel gallery, The National Archives, Ffotogallery, Cuming museum, 198CAL and has been supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the National Heritage Trust. Eva is an Associated Lecturer at Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Art. 

Portfolio Home from Home

A collection of portraits from the Elephant and Castle, an area of South East London currently undergoing a massive regeneration. The aim of the project is to capture and celebrate the human stories of the area, and document a community which will change beyond recognition within the next decade.

In collaboration with writer Sarah Butler, who has interviewed many of those photographed, and their stories provide a fascinating insight into the diversity and uniqueness of the Elephant and Castle.

The project is part of a bigger body of work in Elephant&Castle and exists in a form of a book, website and exhibition.

Portfolio Be - Longing

Be – Longing, Travellers Stories Travellers Lives is a body of work produced over a period of 6 years comprising of photographs, sound pieces and stories of people from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities in UK and Europe.
Portraits of family groups in their home environments, paired with written accounts from subjects' own words offer a platform for these to speak from. The viewer gets an idea of what life is like for these people, the importance of family, relationships, connections to one another, their strong sense of pride and feelings of loyalty to their community and cultural identity, the very real experience of suffering prejudice and being considered outsiders in the countries they came from / live in.

“With Be-Longing Sajovic hopes to promote an understanding of Traveller communities and counter the unspoken prejudices about such people. She takes her experiences working with these communities further by not only presenting her work but also by inviting dialogue and debate through making public some of the conversations she has been having with the people she has photographed and the people who have supported her research, through workshops, screenings and seminars during the presentation of her work at 198.” Barby Asante, curator

Portfolio Hidden Presence

Portraits with vulnerable young women in South Wales, using portraiture to explore identity and self-expression.
As part of the Hidden Presence project commissioned by Ffotogallery and Chepstow museum and in partnership with Barnardos Seraf service.

Hidden Presence aims to extend people’s understanding of Nathaniel Wells, an 18th & 19th Century Welsh nobleman of mixed heritage who was son of a white Welsh plantation owner and black enslaved woman. The project is working with different participants to explore the importance of his life in the context of Wales today, looking at a range of issues linked to individual’s cultural heritage, their identity, sense of belonging, citizenship and what it means to be Welsh.

More information on the project can be found here.



2014 A UK Without Poverty, Joseph Rowntree Foundation publication
2014 The Roles We Play, book (edition of 4000) and website published by ATD Fourth World
DreamMakers, book (edition of 200) and website published by 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning
Citizenship and Belonging, Engage 32
2013 Roma: Europe is Ours, Autograph ABP
2012 Collecting Home, catalogue
2012 Studio at the Elephant, book 
2010 Home from Home, book
2010 Elephant 21, book, Mayhem publishers
2010 Be-Longing, Traveller’s stories, Traveller’s Lives, exhibition catalogue
2010 Southwark Travellers in Mapping the Invisible, EU-ROMA GYPSIES, ed. Lucy Orta, Black Dog Publishers


 2013 & 2015 Caribbean Through A Lens, The National Archives, London
2012 Home From Home, Cuming museum, London
2011 Makeshift, Trubarjeva hisa, Ljubljana, Slovenija,
2010 Belonging, Travellers Stories Travellers Lives, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, London
2009 Exile, Arts Palace, Lviv, Ukraine, October
2008 Slovenes Abroad, Foreigners in Slovenia, Star Gallery of the European Commission, London 

Additional information: 

Have a look at The People's Bureau project, a collaborative project between Eva Sajovic and Rebecca Davies.

Sajovic was recently commissioned to create work for Hidden Presence, a commission by Ffotogallery and Chepstow museum.

Sajovic was commissioned by Ffotogallery and engage to participate in Artists as Learners, a project mentoring two young artists.

The Amazing Movie of Life, A participatory short animated film created by the young people at The Jack Hobbs Centre working with  Eva Sajovic, commissioned by the Cuming museum.

Caribbean Through A Lens, a project commissioned by The National Archives 2013.

Factory of Confessions, was a series of participatory workshops commissioned by Whitechapel gallery, London.

The Collecting Home residency was a project working with residents local to The Cuming Museum, Walworth, to explore themes of collection, home, immigration and multi-culturalism.