Channel / 9 Feb 2021

A Woman's Work Legacy Publication

To mark the end of the two-year European collaborative project A Woman’s Work, Ffotogallery has published a legacy publication celebrating all of the artists, curators and partners involved. Buy the book online here.

Women’s role in industry and technology-based work in post-war Europe is a hitherto untold story, and audiovisual archives have tended to focus on male-orientated ‘heavy industries’ such as coal, iron and steel, or large scale engineering sectors such as shipbuilding, construction, aerospace and car manufacturing. Yet women continue to play a key role in many manufacturing and service industries – for example, textiles, electronics, food and drinks, plastics and pharmaceuticals – a reality which is neither acknowledged nor strongly represented in European cultural archives.

A Woman’s Work is a project that uses photography and digital media to address that deficit through artistic collaboration and exchange across borders, and the co-production of exhibitions, publications and online resources that challenge the dominant view of gender and industry in Europe. The project explores the shifting relationship between home and the workplace, and growth sectors such as the finance industry, media and telecommunications, where women’s work is being re-defined through technological developments and post-globalism.

A Woman’s Work is a Creative Europe funded project delivered by Ffotogallery (Cardiff, Wales), Gallery of Photography Ireland (Dublin, Ireland) and Lithuanian Photography Artists’ Union (Kaunas, Lithuania), supported by Whack n Bite (Finland), Chateau D’Eau (France) and Fotosommer Stuttgart (Germany).