News / 15 Jul 2019

European Prospect artist Alnis Stakle's photobook 'Melancholic Road' won 1st prize at Foto Wein 2019

Foto Wein named Latvian photographer Alnis Stakle the winner of FotoWein 2019 Photo Book Competition in March this year. His book Melancholic Road exhibited at the Foto Wein festival's headquarters - Otto Wagner's Post-Parkassengebäude on 21-03 to 06-04, 2019. The show curated by Sophie Haslinger, KUNST HAUS WEIN, Michael Kollmann, photo book curator, OstLicht/WestLicht. The winning book will be added to OstLicht book collection and made fully accessible to the general public.

The festival exhibition celebrates the new Foto Wein Month of Photography, focussing on showcasing art photography, diversity and potential to discover not just the local but also international photographic scenes. It involved more than 100 partners on the programme - museums, exhibition spaces, galleries, archives, photography institutions, art universities, artist initiatives, and off-spaces.

Melancholic Road is an exploration of the unpredictable Russia through the study of amateur videos which are mostly unknown to mainstream media and the general public. The videos document insignificant yet controversial events in Russia that also provide insight into the modern-day Russian culture discourse. The artist appropriated the videos' images to reconceptualise Russia in terms of politic, technology and aesthetic.

For more information regarding Melancholic Road or other works by Alnis Stakle, please visit his website.