News / 10 Jun 2014

‘How European is Wales’ Artist Announced

We are delighted to announce that Jana Romanova has been selected for the ‘How European is Wales’ residency with Ffotogallery.

Jana Romanova (b. 1984) is a documentary photographer based in St Petersburg. She has a degree in journalism from St Petersburg State University. Currently she works with photography and video installations to investigate the theme of collective identities of different communities, mostly on the territory of post-Soviet countries. As a photographer Jana challenges herself through experiments, in which she becomes a part of different communities, questioning her own identity. As part of the residency she will interact with different communities in Wales, asking them to ‘adopt’ her and make her Welsh.

Her long-term documentary projects were selected for a number of international exhibitions and festivals such as Encontros da Imagem (Braga, Portugal), the Backlight Festival (Tampere, Finland), Encuentros Abietros Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Perchance to Dream at Andrea Meislin Gallery (New York, USA), New Saint Petersburg at Nieuw Dakota Gallery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). She received several international photography prizes and honorable mentions.