Arnis Balcus


Arnis Balcus (b. 1978) is a photographer, teacher and the chief editor of FK Magazine that covers Latvian and international photography. He has BA in Communication Studies from University of Latvia and MA in Photographic Studies from University of Westminster. His own photographic work has been exhibited internationally and been published in magazines, such as Achtung Mode, Dazed & Confused, Foto & Video. Most of his recent photographic work examines Latvian identity, historical taboos and social-political agendas.



In the series Amnesia the artist is staging various rituals that have died out from our daily life due to social and political changes. These situations feature the lifestyle of Latvians and other post-Soviet countries for the last thirty years. Collective amnesia - forced or voluntary suppression of separate memories - has contributed to the fact that these rituals have fallen in oblivion for both to deny the Latvian Soviet identity and get over recurrent political and economical failures.