Ilka Kramer



Ilka Kramer was born in Germany, in 1969, after studying visual communication at the 'FH Dortmund', she became a free lance photographer in fashion, journalism and portraits for catalogues and magazines. From 2003 - 2013 she lived in the south of France, where nature and children inspired her personnel projects. Since 2013 she lives in Switzerland and continues to produce projects about the relation between man and nature.


Behind the House

This series shows children in their approach to nature according to their imagination and their fascination of fairytales. Behind the house, far away from the life of adults, the garden, the fields and the forest become an immense land to explore. The murky spot under the fig tree, the tree house in a poplar, the tunnel under the brambles may all lead to a secret garden. Where time stands still, children get lost in the stories they tell themselves, and they confront nature in all its beauty and generosity, but also its hostly and constant change. It is from observing the childrens' games and rituals, and from her own memories of childhood that Ilka Kramer builds images of the relationship with nature, which man reinvents differently throughout life.


22 seconds of summer

How to face life as a child? How to face death as a consequence? How to find a place in this world full of wonder and mystery, where time is of no importance and experiences can be made every second? Where there are no limits, neither in space nor in imagination.