Lars Vilhelmsen


Lars Vilhelmsen is a Danish contemporary artist born in 1970. He lives and works in North Jutland, Denmark. He debuted formally as an artist at The Artist’s Easter Exhibition in 1999 and The Artist`s Summer Exhibition in 2000. Vilhelmsen has exhibited widely in Denmark, including the well-known The Artist`s Spring Exhibition - Charlottenborgs Juried Spring Show in Copenhagen, where his work was shown for three years running (2000 – 2002). Lars has also participated in several distinguished exhibitions, shows, projects, actions and releases in Denmark as well as internationally. His work has been supported by both the National and International Arts Committee - State Arts Foundation in Denmark. He has worked in a variety of contexts, for instance as a solo artist, a co-exhibitor, curator and collaborator.



Lars Vilhelmsen’s work is characterized by the notion of creating a unique art space where the traces of human comings and goings intersect with the pristine, empty spaces in which he places them. Using the medium of photography in a conceptual way, he creates narratives that are personified through the juxtaposition of various objects. The resulting images become descriptions of the detritus of lives lived - stories told which appear to hover in space, somehow suspended in time. Vilhelmsen’s work employs narrative procedures to re-form stories and create new mental landscapes. A common thread of idea-based or conceptual thinking is woven into his imagery. Vilhelmsen collects, he creates artworks that often incorporate a private, personal approach. By mixing the fictional and factual he produces works that are not immediately readable as art, using ‘mindroom’ to create a new polarization and vision in order to realize the synthesis between life and art. At first glance, his works appear to be highly aesthetic, and direct interpretations may not be immediately read; by doing this he asks the viewer to get involved in the work and form an opinion.