Saskia Groneberg


Saskia Groneberg (b. 1985) lives and works in Leipzig and Munich, Germany. In her work she is particulary concerned with the evidence of desires that are expressed in the design of human environments, especially in the relationship between human beings and nature. Among other awards, she won the "gute aussichten_junge deutsche fotografie" ("good prospects_new german photography") Prize in 2012 and was given a *Special Mention at Plat(t)form Winterthur in 2013.



At the door to the office one leaves their personality behind. From now on, the only thing in the foreground is the function that has to be fulfilled, the work that needs to be done. But there is something that is allowed to remain unimpeded in its blossoming: the office plant. A bit of anarchy amid the clockwork, something amorphous among the geometries, a spark of life within the mechanisms of control.
The bits of nature that one brings to the workplace are similar to the photos of the beloved ones or holiday postcards on the wall. Both remind one of a world that has nothing to do with work and has nothing in common with it. Unlike photographs, plants change constantly. They grow – in part unnoticed, in part under loving observation – up to the ceiling, behind the heater and through the blinds. They can only be controlled to a certain extent. And yet they are dependent; they must be watered and cared for. There is a close relationship between human and plant that lasts for many years.